The region is expected to see between 30 to 50 cm of snow this week as a historic winter storm pushes its way through Canada. With the arrival of the storm system, driving conditions will become less than ideal. 

Maria Bagdonas is with Young Drivers of Canada; she shared some driving tips to make sure you remain safe while on the road in this weather.  

According to Bagdonas, something everyone should have in their vehicle is a winter emergency kit, she said “Whether you are in your car waiting for a tow truck or you are going to be stuck in your vehicle for 20 hours or more waiting for a storm to clear – it's about being prepared.” 

“If your longest trip is to the grocery store and back, then what you have in your car may be very different compared to if you are travelling several hours. Overall, there are two emergencies that you need to be prepared for,” she continued.  

According to Bagdonas, the two main emergencies should be prepared for are a dead car battery or a stuck car.  

“The battery one is pretty easy to deal with. They have these booster packs now where you don’t even need a second car. The second issue is getting stuck. My favourite way of getting some traction is kitty litter – a little bit of kitty litter under or near the tire will [help it gain traction],” she explained.  

If you are going to pack a winter emergency kit for your car, these are some of these you should consider packing: 

  • Warm clothing 

  • At least one blanket 

  • Nonperishable food 

  • A sufficient supply of water 

  • Small entertainment items such as a book or deck of cards 

  • A portable cell phone battery charger  

  • Toiletry items such as toilet paper, lip balm and a toothbrush 

“Worst case scenario, we end up getting stuck and end up waiting a long time for help, it's better to be prepared,” she concluded.