Dryden Mayor Greg Wilson is joining the countless community members who are thanking frontline and essential staff with the Dryden Regional Health Centre.

In an open message to the community, Wilson says he wanted to express his and the City of Dryden’s official appreciation of all of their work to keep the community and region safe.

“To our friends at DRHC, on behalf of Dryden’s council, please accept our thanks and gratitude for all you are doing to help us get healthy and stay healthy.

To the paramedics, personal support workers, doctors, nurses, administration staff, mental health workers, housekeeping, dietary, lab and diagnostic imaging staff ... we all recognize that every citizen has a role to play in this fight, but along with other first responders, you are a critical part of that defensive frontline, fighting this potentially deadly virus.

While yes it’s true that you’re just doing your jobs, and you might be tempted to feel slightly embarrassed at all of this attention, but your willingness to put yourself at a greater risk of exposure during the pandemic is truly putting your money where your mouth is.

We are very fortunate to have so many trained, educated and experienced staff up on the hill. So far, Dryden has mainly dodged a bullet, yet it’s encouraging to know that you are there for us.

Over the decades, you’ve always displayed to the public a positive culture of teamwork. Not just during this crisis, but on a regular basis.

Many, if not most of us in town, have experienced your care and efficiency, and we just wanted you to know that we care about you. So thank you.”

Community members have also been thanking frontline staff. Photos courtesy of the Dryden Regional Health Centre:

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